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Sam J
Wed Jun 27 2018, 05:01AM Print Quote
1. What is your character name, class, and spec? Are you willing to change your spec?
My current character name is Hewj, Hunter, Marksman exclusively for most of Legion. I'm willing to change, and in fact I'm leveling a Warlock right now, which I plan to switch to my main come BfA.

2. How old are you?

3. Post a link to your armory profile.
Armory link (Current main)

4. Post a link to a screenshot of your user interface in raid combat.
I'll do this very soon! I promise, it's nice :)

5. How long have you been playing WoW? Have you played any other MMOs?
I've been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla, with my friends and casually at first, but more seriously as I've gotten better at games. I've played many other MMOs, but none as much or for as long as WoW. I took a pretty long break during WoD (like a lot of people), but played for at least half of pretty much ever other expansion. I've gotten more serious in Legion.

6. Explain the circumstances for leaving your previous/current guild.
Honestly not much to it, just one reason -- raiding times. I work, and I'm a musician, and my current guild raids on East coast time. I live on the West coast, so it's pretty hard to take time off in the early afternoon. Exodus has much better raid times for me.

7. List your computer specs (CPU, RAM, Video Card). To find CPU & RAM information on a Windows PC, right click on My Computer and select Properties. To find Video Card information right click on the desktop, select Properties and the Settings tab. Macs are for gnomes.
CPU -- Intel Core i5 3.50GHz, quad core

  • CPU -- Intel Core i5 3.50GHz, quad core
  • RAM -- 16.0 GB
  • Video Card -- Nvidia GTX970
  • I also run my program files from an embedded SSD, so nice and zippy.

8. List any prior raid experience.
I raided some in Wrath and Cataclysm, but very casually (it was on a Druid, I believe). I really started raiding more seriously in Legion. I've completed Ahead of the Curve for Antorus, 11/11H with my guild, and 3/11 Mythic Antorus. I decided to take a short break at the end of Legion, but ended with a 970 iLvl on my main and I intend to get into Mythic content as soon as possible in BfA.

9. Exodus raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm Central Time. Raiders are expected to attend every raid, or post in the scheduling forum in advance of absences. How stable is your schedule, and do you foresee any scheduling conflicts in the near future?
My schedule is quite stable. Obviously, life happens, but no scheduling conflicts in the near future -- I've been planning for BfA.

10. Do you have Discord client installed? Do you have a working headset?
Yes and yes, I use Discord all the time, for all my games.

11. We require all raiders to be running Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have this addon running reliably on your computer, and what other addons do you find indispensable?
Yes, I've been using DBM for years. I run a fair number of addons, quite a few of which have nothing to do with raiding (love me some Archaeology). As far as relevant addons go, I love WeakAuras (I use templates I find online for most of my specs, they're great!), I use Shadowed Unit Frames for raid frames because I don't like the WoW interface for raid frames, and I also enjoy RaidCheck when raiding with my guild (for potions, enchants, etc).

12. Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you able to play for extended periods of time without interruptions?
Yes! Necessity!

13. Do you have a list of gear upgrades you need? If so, how did you come up with this list?
Yes, I use AskMrRobot, RaidBots, and Pawn (with custom strings generated by RaidBots). I also try to keep up with the best items for my spec for current raids through word of mouth and forums.

14. Are you a team player? Do you understand that you will sometimes be asked to do things that you don't like for the sake of the guild? This may include changing specs, farming mats, sitting out, as well as on occasion helping guild mates with random things.
Yes! Raiding with a guild is fun because everyone is on the same team! I am also willing to lend help with professions, changing specs, etc. I plan to play all three specs of Warlock (what I hope to main in BfA).

15. Are you easily offended?
No! I like feedback, and I like to joke around. I like to keep things relaxed when I'm playing games!

16. How did you hear about Exodus?
WoW forums.

17. Why do you want to be in Exodus?
Because I want to raid with a group of people that wants to improve and play at a high level, but still have fun. I'm competitive, and I love learning games and raid encounters, but I try not to take things too seriously. Based on that, Exodus sounds like a great guild for me!

18. Why should Exodus want you? Describe what you can uniquely contribute that would make you valuable.
I'm a quick learner. I love getting into new specs or encounters, and I always try to ask for advice when needed. I learn from my mistakes, and will always be trying to improve!

19. We expect our raiders to do everything in their power to ensure their accounts remain secure. Have you been hacked in the past, and do you have a Blizzard Authenticator enabled on your account?
I've never been hacked. I have the Blizzard Authenticator app attached to my account.

20. How do you feel about gnomes, and how can you contribute to the Exodus war on gnomes?
Gnomes are ugly. I will gladly camp quest givers in Gnome starting areas if required.
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Wed Jun 27 2018, 03:31PM Quote
Hello! Please see my raiding UI screenshot.
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Sam J
Wed Jun 27 2018, 03:33PM Quote
Looks like my username didn't carry over on the post above -- sorry! That is indeed me posting the screenshot.
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Sam J
Wed Jun 27 2018, 03:35PM Quote
Sorry for spam -- I've already been in contact with Gladiator in-game, but I wanted to post my Bnet ID just in case. It's Nuclease#1580.
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