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1. What is your BattleTag, class, and spec? Are you willing to change your spec?

My Battletag is Taylor#11860. I currently play a WW Monk, but have everything maxed and am willing to play whatever is needed.

2. How old are you?

I am 25 years old.

3. Post a link to your armory profile.

4. Post a link to a screenshot of your user interface in raid combat.

5. How long have you been playing WoW? Have you played any other MMOs?

I started playing WoW at the beginning of Cata. I have briefly played Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV.

6. Explain the circumstances for leaving your previous/current guild.

There has been a lot of animosity surrounding the raid team not progressing as far as they would have liked. Due to that a lot of drama has arose and has made the atmosphere an unpleasant one.

7. List your computer specs (CPU, RAM, Video Card). To find CPU & RAM information on a Windows PC, right click on My Computer and select Properties. To find Video Card information right click on the desktop, select Properties and the Settings tab. Macs are for gnomes.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
RAM: 12.0 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

8. List any prior raid experience.

Blackwing Descent: 6/6N
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4N, 5/5H
ToT4W: 2/2 N
Firelands: 7/7N
Dragon Soul: 8/8N, 8/8 H

Mists of Pandaria
Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N AOTC
Heart of Fear: 6/6N
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4N
Siege of Orgrimmar: 13/14N

Warlords of Draenor
Highmaul: 7/7 N, 7/7H AOTC, 2/7M
Blackrock Foundry: 10/10N, 8/10H
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13N TiaFC, 13/13H AOTC, 8/13M

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N,7/7H AOTC
The Nighthold: 10/10N, 10/10H AOTC
Tomb of Sargeras: 6/9N
Antorus, The Burning Throne: 11/11N, 11/11H AOTC

9. Exodus raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm Central Time. Raiders are expected to attend every raid, or post in the scheduling forum in advance of absences. How stable is your schedule, and do you foresee any scheduling conflicts in the near future?

I am a full time student, with a part-time job that has a set schedule. There is no scheduling conflicts with either my school or work schedule.

10. Do you have Discord client installed? Do you have a working headset?

Yes and yes!

11. We require all raiders to be running Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have this addon running reliably on your computer, and what other addons do you find indispensable?

Yes I run DBM, I also run Skada, WeakAuras, Vuhdo and Exorsus Raid Tools.

12. Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you able to play for extended periods of time without interruptions?

Yes my internet connection is stable. I have no foreseeable interruptions.

13. Do you have a list of gear upgrades you need? If so, how did you come up with this list?

I do not currently, this late into the expansion. I usually make my lists with information from, and

14. Are you a team player? Do you understand that you will sometimes be asked to do things that you don't like for the sake of the guild? This may include changing specs, farming mats, sitting out, as well as on occasion helping guild mates with random things.

I like to think that I am a very good team player. I also do what is asked of me without question. I am willing to do anything and everything for the sake of the guild and raid team.

15. Are you easily offended?

Not at all.

16. How did you hear about Exodus?

WoW guild recruitment forums.

17. Why do you want to be in Exodus?

I love that your guild has been around for a while and that there are players who have been in guild for years. It is nice to see a guild able to survive through progression, expansions and lulls in the game. I also am looking for a raid team that is focused on progression in a positive environment.

18. Why should Exodus want you? Describe what you can uniquely contribute that would make you valuable.

I am hardworking, reliable and attentive. I am always ready and prepared for raids and I work hard to keep on top of changes to my class as well as BiS. I am a team player and will do anything and everything needed of me in order to help the guild and raid without question.

19. We expect our raiders to do everything in their power to ensure their accounts remain secure. Have you been hacked in the past, and do you have a Blizzard Authenticator enabled on your account?

I have never been hacked (knock on wood). I do have an Authenticator.

20. How do you feel about gnomes, and how can you contribute to the Exodus war on gnomes?
Gnomes are deceptively cute. They draw you in and then crush your soul! They must be DESTROYED!
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