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1. What is your BattleTag, class, and spec? Are you willing to change your spec?

Erik#1809, warrior, currently Fury but willing to adjust that to fit needs; mostly experienced as a DPS but tanked frequently as a DK in WotLK/Cata.

2. How old are you?


3. Post a link to your armory profile.

4. Post a link to a screenshot of your user interface in raid combat.

5. How long have you been playing WoW? Have you played any other MMOs?

I played LOTRO, Rift, and Wildstar frequently after taking breaks from WoW in the past. I've been playing WoW since late 2007; consistently up until BRF release in WoD (when I quit due to real life obligations) and now returning since I'm able.

6. Explain the circumstances for leaving your previous/current guild.

They invited me while I was leveling since I logged in guild-less after ~1-2y of inactivity; no reason aside from me looking for something more suitable.

7. List your computer specs (CPU, RAM, Video Card). To find CPU & RAM information on a Windows PC, right click on My Computer and select Properties. To find Video Card information right click on the desktop, select Properties and the Settings tab. Macs are for gnomes.

CPU - Ryzen 5 1600
RAM - 16GB
GPU - top kek. This is a workstation I'm converting, buying a new GPU soon. Mine is trash; though still able to run WoW across two monitors at 3-4 setting level with 60FPS consistently.

8. List any prior raid experience.

Vanilla - None
TBC - Karazhan, Gruul, SSC, TK, some BT (mostly casual raiding around this time; considering I was 12.)
WotLK - Everything except Ruby Sanctum (lol) and Heroic LK. Had the most time to dedicate to the game at this point and raided consistently.
Cata - Took a break from raiding competitively and focused on collection-based stuff with the advent of LFR.
MoP - Again raided somewhat casually, from Cata through WoD when I stopped playing I was more or less time restricted from raiding.
WoD - Highmaul (heroic) and BRF (heroic) so again semi-casual. I stopped part way through BRF.
Legion - None except LFR.

I've generally been pretty lazy after WotLK when it comes to competitive content in general since finding a guild that isn't anything but a giant empty promise followed by an even bigger letdown is tedious for me. The whole 'you need experience to join the guild, but you need to raid in a guild setting to get experience' conundrum comes to mind. Essentially, I'm a competitively-minded player who hasn't had a proper group of people to play with in far too long.

9. Exodus raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm Central Time. Raiders are expected to attend every raid, or post in the scheduling forum in advance of absences. How stable is your schedule, and do you foresee any scheduling conflicts in the near future?

Very stable, time works well for me and I foresee no issues with it.

10. Do you have Discord client installed? Do you have a working headset?

Yes, yes.

11. We require all raiders to be running Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have this addon running reliably on your computer, and what other addons do you find indispensable?

Yes to the DBM question. I use weakauras/bartender for my own layout/keybindings but otherwise not much. Gnome-Sequencer for advanced macro functionality. Anything else is usually encounter-specific.

12. Do you have a reliable internet connection? Are you able to play for extended periods of time without interruptions?

Yes, yes.

13. Do you have a list of gear upgrades you need? If so, how did you come up with this list? is my rough list going in to BfA; most of my gear upgrades will be dependent on titan/warforging (or whatever the new system is called) anyway and azerite-specific traits (which I follow through several people on youtube/forums running sims.)

14. Are you a team player? Do you understand that you will sometimes be asked to do things that you don't like for the sake of the guild? This may include changing specs, farming mats, sitting out, as well as on occasion helping guild mates with random things.

Very much so; I don't like to be bored, which usually happens if I'm left to my own devices and just start flipping TCG on the AH for six hours each day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

15. Are you easily offended?

This question is too personal and I feel as though my safe space is being invaded; STOP TRIGGERING ME.

16. How did you hear about Exodus?

I saw some rogue with the sparkledragon mount from Elegon sitting in Dalaran (Sin I think), noticed he also had Undying and was moderately well geared, noticed the Exodus guild tag, and said to myself "huh a not-shit guild on this dying [dead] server which I'm too cheap to transfer off of" so here we are.

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17. Why do you want to be in Exodus?

See above. Also I'd make my own guild (
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Thu Aug 02 2018, 03:57PM Quote
Okay ignore that fucky second reply. This highly intelligent AI-driven website thought guild tags were code tags so it snippidysnabbed my shit up.

17. Why do you want to be in Exodus?

See above. Also I'd make my own guild (soyboy central, Soyboy Orbiting Station, No soy allowed, wtf did you just call me; trust me I've got a list of quality here) but finding three more people on this server to sign the charter is just about impossible.

18. Why should Exodus want you? Describe what you can uniquely contribute that would make you valuable.

Boyishly good looks, charm, charisma, a sense of distraught cynicism and a personality wholly engulfed by entitlement. I also make a mean watermelon margarita (the secret is red wine ice cubes, frozen watermelon, and enough triple sec to tank an elephant.) I also bodybuild competitively and will offer you free routine/diet programming in exchange for loot.

19. We expect our raiders to do everything in their power to ensure their accounts remain secure. Have you been hacked in the past, and do you have a Blizzard Authenticator enabled on your account?

No, yes.

20. How do you feel about gnomes, and how can you contribute to the Exodus war on gnomes?

I used to raid with indestructible in their second raid group/half pug group (yes, "that" indestructible on KT, Asmongold's guild) back in WotLK. I was a run with some gnome DK and Asmon for mounts/rep in one of the auchindoun dungeons. I collected unique items at the time for armor sets I liked (this was pre-xmog) and a helm (or shoulders, cant recall) dropped off one of the bosses before Anzu. I really wanted it. The gnome really wanted it. The gnome got it. That's how I feel about gnomes.

21. C-C-COMBO BREAKER; Just bonus rolled into my own question which is actually a statement.

I'm mostly interested in a backup position or filler spot/second group spot. I have no problem with raiding competitively now but will be out of country for two weeks immediately (as in the day before) BfA's release. I'll be following the above google doc to get caught up once I'm back, but won't be able to push competitive Mythic progress Week 4 like everyone else. If that's a non issue then sure, main raid group would be cool, but otherwise just looking for an environment with like minded people.

P.S. If you go snooping around my profile and notice achievements don't line up with some raid shit, you can thank my brother for getting my OG account banned in November of 2013 (NEVER FORGET) because he tried to sell HIS shitty account on my account in-game. RIP T3/Scholomance gear & Super Simian Sphere/TCG Toys :'^)
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Thu Aug 02 2018, 04:04PM Quote

Here's the screenshot for #4 since I forgot that, too.
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