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Tue Nov 05 2013, 09:50PM 
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Exodus of Shadow Council is now Deicide of Zul'jin
Exodus has made the very hard decision of moving from our home server.

Our new location is Zul'jin

Our new website is located at


Please update your bookmarks.
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Warlords of Draenor Launches 11/13

Time is coming down to the wire.
First we will be getting back together and raiding.
Those who are interested please log in to mumble the information is in the forums.
Or contact Fenriz, Akkei or myself in game.
We have less then 2 months to get ready and the pre-patch will be something not to miss.

See you in game soon!!!

Patch notes 09/12/2014

Also make sure to keep your toons names
Release the Names! Character Name Reclamation Coming

Heroic Iron Juggernaut DEAD
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Immortal Intent


Posted by Sentinus
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26 Sep : 15:27
ARGH I want to raid stuff. I need Garrosh kill. PLS HELP FRIENDS.

22 Sep : 15:24

21 Sep : 13:01
Happy Birthday Sis

21 Sep : 02:35
Thanks ^_^

21 Sep : 00:14
Happy Bday Akkei ^^

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